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Alumni Profiles and News


Dentist (DDS): Joan Horton ’76, Ben Wallace ’88
Optometrist (OD): Millicent Knight ’78
Pharmacist (RPh):Katrina Boone ’95, Breenan Wright ’78, Marva Lynn Rodgers (PharmD).’76
Physician (MD) (Specialty): Eric Brown ’81, Michael Davenport ’72, Denise Deveranez ’75, Harvey Echols ’77, Robert Gay ’81 (Anesthesiologist), Herbert Hawes ’75, Dona Perry ’75 (Ob-Gyn), Forest Robinson ’80, Horace Smith ’67, Ricky Snipes ’79, Ronald Wheeler ’75 (Pediatrics), Sharon Yokley ’75 (Geriatrics)
Veteranarian (DVM): Jody Lulich ’75, Robert Davis ’78


US Army: Captain Amady Bradley ’90, First Sergeant Willie Mitchell ’67, Captain Jeffery B. Lyons ’86, Captain T. Gibbs ’83, Major Jeffery Clark ’79, Master Sergeant Lena Cockrell ’83, Major Barry Kimmons ’82
US Navy: Lieutenant Denise Evans ’79, Kevin Shipp ’79 (retired), Kevin Kuntu ’75 (deceased)
US Air Force: Master Sergeant Leasha Dixon ’74, Lieutenant Colonel Jerome Watkins ’82 (Retired), John Roberson ’87 (retired, Former Commissioner, City of Chicago Dept of Aviation)
US Marines: Curtis Brookshire ’75 (retired)

Media/Public Relations

Cheryl Burton ’80,Valerie Landon ’83, Kimberly Lacey ’83

Tommy Brewer ’69, Berve Power ’92, April Roberson ’92, Michael Lowery ’76, Emmit Marshall ’75, Thomas Sisul ’60, Brian Tiller ’83, John Turner ’75 (Circuit Court Judge), Dione Muhammad ’90, Clifford “Red” Price ’75 (deceased)

Pamela L. Fox (Brooks) ’71, Walter B. Johnson ’75 (DDiv), Min. Andre Kellum ’88, Alvin Love ’74, Bishop Horace Smith ’67, Bishop Larry Trotter ’75*, Julius K. Washington ’76, Sherman Tribble ’75, Jeffery Tribble ’76, Michael Cox ’75, Mancil Carroll ’86.
Fine Arts

Author: EJ Bassette ’79, Bernard (Hill) Muhammad ’83
Actor/Actress: Lance Crouther ’79, Craig J. Harris ’84 (Skin ComplexMortal Combat Lt. Jackson “Jax” Briggs, Ali Leoroi (Bozeman) ’79, Ellie Weingardt ‘59
IllustratorCraig Rex Perry ’77 (Kumi and Chanti)
Musician: Theodis Rodgers ’75, Larry Whitman ’76, Benard Grimmage II ’02, Darrell Daniels ’72
Screenwriter: Kevin Smith ’93 (Laughing on the Lakefront)


BasketballWallace Edgar “Mickey” Johnson ’70 (2nd pick 4th round 1974 NBA DraftChicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee BucksNew Jersey Nets, and Golden State Warriors)
Football: Walter E. “Wally” Marks ’23 (Earned 3 Doctorates)


Architecture: Toni Griffin ’81, Charles Joseph McAllister, ’45

EngineeringJerry Sanders ’53 (Founder of Advanced Micro Devices), Luther Patton ’75 (Founder of Compac Design), Ken George ’75, Rogell Jackson ’75, Daryl Parks ’75, Daryl Mitchell ’76, Danny Creed ’74, Wayne Morgan ’74, Allan Armstrong ’75, Greg McClain ’68

Computer Science: Cedric Ervin ’75, Willie Denton ’71, Abraham Bolden ’75, Chester Reason ’68, Milt Haynes ’69, Judson Roberts ’75, Robert Ersery ’75, Robert Bednar ’61, Wade Thames ’75, Juan Thames ’74, John Clomax ’74, Beverly Wilson Ellison, Sr. ’76, Linda McIntosh ’75, Yvette Graham ’80, Sarah Windham ’80, Inez Gowens ’75


Teacher: Tene Gray (Woods) ’88, Anthony Anderson ’72, Darrell Daniels ’72, Morris Hill ’68, Manford Holmes ’68

Professor: Billy Cunningham II ’85, Joe Jones ’94, Charles J. McAllister ’45

Counselor: Karen Fitzpatrick ’85

Higher Education Administrator: Edward Pryor ’71

Higher Education Admissions/Careers: Lovetta Houston ’83, Steve Scott ’75, Benjamin G. Jones ’99


: Alan Robertson ’76, Mancil Carroll ’86

Banking: Thurman Smith ’75, Julius Washington ’76

Marketing: Andre Kellum ’88, David Putnam ’55

Human Resources: Shawn Collains ’89, Ahvia Reynolds (nee Bolden) ’75*

Retail: Ed Berg ’48

Real Estate: Ron Frain ’60

Trader: Les Messinger ’54

Construction: Joseph M. Keating, ’51

Entrepreneur: Carl Pompei ’57

Law Enforcement

Royce Hargrove ’76, Eric Warren ’81, Gregory Baker ’74


Donald Hoefler ’48 (Electrician)

Public Office

Milt Patterson ’64 (IL State Representative D-32)
Arnold M. Rose ’36 (Minnesota State Representative NP-41)
Shirley Coleman ’73 (Chicago Alderman D-16)

Public Service

Jean B. Hepburn ’32, Yvette Dogan (Davis) ’64 (Senior Officer, Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection)

* – Larry Trotter attended Lindblom through the 1st half of Senior Year and graduated in 1975. Ahvia Bolden transferred to Jones Commercial High School and graduated in 1975.

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Dave Malbrough ‘32 ,Swimmer

Masters All-American, March 30, 1913 — August 6, 2001




Shawn Collains ’89
Nebraska Cornhusker Basketball player

Eileen Southern ‘38 music teacher; pianist 

Ethel L. Payne ’29, first female journalist for the Chicago Defender, commemorated on a US postage stamp 


Eugenia Cobbinah ’96: Tragic end to a bright future

Cheryl Burton ’80 News anchor/reporter
Craig Rex Perry ’77 Illustrator Beverly Wilson Ellison Sr. ’76
PC Technician, Desktop Publisher, Freelance Photographer
Michael Cox ’75 Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church, Montclair, New JerseyAwarded 2007 Essence Magazine Do Right Men

Young survivors of the storm vacation in the Garden State, courtesy of Montclair church – The Montclair Times 6/27/2007

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Employees Welcome Children Displaced by Hurricane Katrina


Chandra Gill, Ph.D. ’93

Tamara Muhammad ’03, Chicago Scholars Class of 2003

Patrice Hunter ’05, Chicago Scholars Class of 2005

Brian Jones ’00: Assistant Wrestling and Football Coach

David E. Driver ’72 Author, Publisher, National Association of Black Book Publishers (founding member)

Lance Crouther ’79

Ali Le Roi (Bozeman) ’79 “Pootie Tang”, “Chris Rock Show”

Carl Pompei ’57 Entrepreneur

Joseph J. Ceithaml ’33 Physician